Why is Jesus hated


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Something I have always wondered, why do so many people hate a man who preached love? For the people who seek to discredit Jesus and claim he never existed, why try to destroy a person who taught us to love each other.

It says a lot about a person who tries to tear down the preachings of love and tolerance. If we take love and tolerance out of society we are only left with hate and anger.
Liberalism has done so much to destroy the traditional values of Christian America. Jesus, unfortunately, is a casualty of the destruction.


It's not really Jesus being the problem. It's the incessant proselytizers trying to declare that without Christianity there are no morals or ethics.

Religion should be a personal choice and not be abused by those that don't believe in that faith. It goes the opposite way as well. If religious folks were more Libertarian things might go a bit more smoothly.


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My take on this is probably because they reject the presence, for the reason that it comes from something negative in themselves or a reproach and it causes either a collapse or a reference delirium. Why not admit a good God or his son that saves as something that exists when it is presented is felt like not everyone should have their place in the sky. More on that: in old books like "de natura rerum" it says: "the noise that the sky (stars) make at night". Meaning if radio and music is blasted on the masses 24/7, they become like brutes that want to reach the sky incorectly, that is they try to reach the sky thru artificial pleasure. Also if you try to get rid of such presence, it goes more negative and comes back even more and is even more of a moral reproach. And note that these kinds of things are well known and all over the place in Hollywood movies, for example, in Terminator, John Connor says: "fuck my destiny I'm shootimng myself in the head" and the robot goes: "your pupils (eyes) say diferent"; that is because in the eye of another we see ourselves. The same joke is in the old movie Rambo (2 I think, in the jungle) when the bad guys want Rambo to call his base there's that joke with the eye and the bad guys that returns after being electrocuted and the scene in the helicoper where the bad guy threatens the pilot into not picking Rambo up and they fly away, that is because the sky is for the dead. And there is no doubt that the cops that arrested Fischer knew who Fischer was from the start and that is also why they put him thru the procedure. The generalists wanted me to pass iq tests because theiy tought I was intelligent, I refused. This not about iq tests it's nonsense. And books were censored even in pre-christian eras. And why is Dachau considered a german camp in the dictionary or a nazi camp on the garbage website wikipedia is censorship, they had Austrians there and rallies in 1938 asking the jews and czech be sent there themselves in their turn. In 1938 shortly before the war there was a plot to assassinate Hitler and the plan was to have him labeled insane by an "expert" and get rid of him, a plan with many members like vomn Brausitch. On tv and other media they never show the "holocaust" or Hitler or whatever as a historical event but they re-write a new story each time. They never show news reels and all from the war, it's all controled. It is usefull to real a book like Schiller's "history of the 30 years war" because it gives an idea of how the diplomatic world functions. At some point in this thing some people give themselves the right to lie and dissimulate, and they just show themselves when doing that to the one they are doing it to but not to the public. They delete the history of others under security pretexts. Even in old books you find examples of people being victim of doctors in secret, and there's a funny story about a doctor, doctor Petiot, who pretended people could escape ww2 thru him, and he gave them an injection to kill them instead of the vaccine he was pretending to give them. At some point of course, there is no such things as facts absolutely: what brings up the facts is important, and even in the Hadith, some characters appear that are not really real, just to name that example. Let's not be afraid of absolutes, especially if each has a place in the sky. That's my take on all of this.