Why do women avoid trade schools?


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While trade schools may use women in advertisements, why do so few women attend trade schools, or learn skilled trades? Maybe it is the danger factor? Maybe it is the long hours of physical labor?

With so much attention on income inequality, we would think women would be beating the doors of trade schools, yet less than 10% of manual labor jobs are held by women.

I spent 15 years working in a wide range of welding shops. In those 15 years I worked with one woman welder. Granted this was between 1985 - 2000, and 244 - 2005.

Another example was my time spent on a tugboat. During the year and a half I saw just a couple of women on ships and tugboats. I could probably count on two hands the number of women I saw in that year and a half.


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Washing dishes and cooking should be a trade, just so they can feel accomplished at something. Men in general have ruled the world and dominated the work force due to having superior work ethic, its a fact. Women need to stop acting like they are ready to step up to the plate and just go makes the men some sandwhiches like good wenches. They need to leave well enough alone before the men stop carrying their slack and let them fail.

Worst women to deal with are the ones from The U.K., New Zealand, and Austrailia....those woman need forcibley put back in the kitchen , imo. Too many feminazis with big mouths , little brains and no sense of what reality really is.


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Women don't have the same appreciation for trades that men do. (OBVIOUSLY not all women, but the vast majority and almost all I've ever met.)

They don't desire to be carpenters, construction workers, diesel mechanics, plumbers, etc.
They like other stuff. Other stuff seems more desirable to them, usually involving less physical labor.