UFOs, "integrated air defense", voices and torture


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I wonder if anybody did the math on here and conected the dots?
I found a song called "abduction" by Overdrive Singularity on bandcamp (album delirium instrumentarium I) that shows what happens if the sky is attacked, as thought failing on one's head. It's a very real biological phenomenon.
Voices: also real and correct; it happens when we phisiologically maintain a marginalizing disposition: it basically says "don't do that". You can connect that to infused science, it's an outside intervention.
Torture: it's what they do to people who escape I guess. Again today they passed maybe 6 times over me. And about a recent call by the psychiatrist, that woman must be mentally chalenged or dumb; I don't even want to get into this. And about what Fischer was reporting: "they kept repeating the same stupid questions over and over", it's true that's what they do, and they rotate the doctors. They just keep the thing dumb and threaten the person's basic living context: it's structured like that (army provides roof and food, if you fall below that, they plug social services and consider you an alien). Somebody who says Fischer fell into paranoaï, even after reading what happened and is aware of how the system is structured, is a criminal. The "vicious" sound is real too but a deformation.
I wish people would get support.


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At least it should be writen more about these aircrafts:
2-3 helicopters: one black, one grey/white with CF-numbers writen on it
3 or more gliders/hydroplanes: one white with CF-numbers writen below it's wing, one dark maybe redish plane, one pale/white hydroplane
3, surely many more higher: one aerodynamic pale glider with a red aileron, others that fly too high to be noticed and go lower when they want to be noticed
Of course these planes are all legit and they're doing business, the possibilities are endless, like driling, survey, whatever, nobody just surveilances some guy like that. Quote from the rcmp guy: "if there's an enquiry to be made we have an agreement basically", it's just common sense, and it's not dificult to position people wherever over time. There's a noisy low budget small airplane at night near Ottawa above the river that just circles all night there, probably still there, and there's a strategic reason for them to be there, like the park in front or the parliament, and to use such aircrafts I suppose. Maybe nobody ever spotted it?
So of course after this had been going for many years, when I got a chance to confront these guys I did. I just provoked a fly-by at my place (at one point I even set a tarp on the ground and moved it around a few times, they fell for it a few times at first, keep in mind they've been flying over me for years every day for as many times I do anything) and so instead of just waiting after provoking a fly-by, I went to confront these guys and caught the pilot red-handed loading his helicopter. Basically I ran into what appeared to be an experienced sadist: typical red complexion that gives zero feedback whatsoever and lost his soul in a dichotomic policing system. So basically these guys gave nothing back, saying I had threatened them, was on a private property, that the airspace belonged to everyone and mocked me… I told them: "no I haven't threatened you: you are harrassing me and I'm calling the police". No way authentic pilots would have reacted that way. No error possible guys. So these particular ones did leave from there, like, they closed the platform. If you've followed previous explainations: I guess I'm considered an imminent threat and they're following procedure.
And about that psychiatrist, there were 3 in total during the 15 days, excluding the row of at least 3 doctors; they rotate rapidly, the first one is a parvenu, that is: not up to the task at all, he basically didn't say anything but a few foolish things and just pushed me into a corner, and the maniac one that apparently knew about the airplanes, the second one, people had seen him only 2 or 3 times at that hospital, and he left after a little more than a week I think, then the third one came in and let me out, I think these guys don't connect togheter except by strictly defamatory nonsense reports about me and what I would have said. And when I got to the hospital voluntarily (as it said in the report/court papers, so why on earth keep me there for so long?), the first thing they ask at the entry, the doctor, is: "why would they do that (the aircrafts)?" I gave an answer, but when someone appears in court, they never show that doctor as the entry doctor, but the one in the mental department, the first one is kept secret, the police brings the person there to begin with (? who knows why they do it like that). Fischer: " The policemen became extremely hostile and threatening in their manner." that's procedure: they distance themselves like that and if you insist or don't give your adress or harrass them, you're in trouble, they did the same to me before when I went to the station with videos and the exact time and place they had just passed (a one seat glider like craft or two if the other one wasn't the same). And no mistake possible that it's what they are doing (the airplanes), only they just let me know, unless some of the neighboors get more or less involved, then they can show themselves on a brief occasion, obviously not causing an alarm and inspiring ridicule. People just don't meddle in these things, but they're not the ones being flown above all day.
And there's the electronic part that's huge and that I kept mentioning. Of course one can just close a computer so it's less important, but it's a possibility for information exchange and expanding one's possibilities, so if I shut that down (which I did) and the aircrafts keep bugging, it makes the problem even more outstanding I find.
And people have to check that porn business. Why don't they give an 18+ warning on those pages? Nothing is more carefully checked and controled than that business, it's at the pinacle of cyber-technology. What is their revenue? What's that loby doing besides changing people's character from normal (in some rare cases) to not even oral, anal or phallic, but flappened? Has anybody ever considered the sexual economics of this and the uncontrolled buzz? These websites say they monitor, record and log people's activities when they're buzzing on their content.
And there's one thing these guys, the globalists, and not just the porn business, will never let you have just like that: cash. And why does it call my phone when I enter my number in amazon pretending they're charging me something and puting an instant adhesion eventually at 14.95/month on equifax activated at the click of a button without any further information? Why does it force the use of windows when I want to change the o/s? I think they're preparing some kind of centralized scandal/hysteria. The first thing they ask if you have a complaint about electronics: did they take cash? If no, they basically hang up, no motive, who cares. And if you are doing anything that bugs the money system, like get a free game or a free anything, they cause an equivalent damage like bug your computer or fly over your head and surveilance you or whatever. They turn people into free loaders with their crap. And why doesn't anybody look into all the free stuff, especially free porn distribution, from an influencial perspective? It has gotten out of control and centralized. It's like all underworld organizations: they act like you blonged to them, like you had to pay them, and keep coming back, they keep a watch… At the hospital they force people who have lost their rights to beg in their procedure basically… So that basically covers it, maybe somebody will find this and be more enlightened…


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Actually there's even more to write (sometimes the only way out of a problem is to fight back, same principle as with porn: nobody has a right to make people buzz on that and pretend it's what they want or that they themselves don't exist): an employee at the hospital, some kind of nurse they call an intervenant, was putting me down and threatening me: "you look nervous, you looked stressed out" (I was perfectly calm) in an invasive manner and wouldn't leave, as in criminally doing that, I got out of it by going to bed, and said: "what you are reporting is imposible, it's too big" attacking me.

I found an interesting text:

copy of an original letter to a patient, who is now In a mental hospital:

That you have called Dr. Honeck an agent of capitalism nobody here has taken amiss, because we are accustomed to hear things like that.

We know what a big part have played words like "agent, capitalism, socialism, Mao Tse Tung" in your condition of mental disturbance in those times. At that time you have connected every thing and everybody to the high politics and you demonstrated not much interest in matters of minor detail.

Now you have to do exercises more and more in order to hold tight the simple human interrelations and to throw aboard everything which has to do with delusion and phantasy (alles Wahnhafte und Phantastische).

Your unjustified distrust towards our medical efforts delays your curing. The medicaments, which you dismiss (abqualifizieren) as narcotics are indeed rather psychopharmaca, and by those psychopharmaca the psychiatry was revolutionized in this sense, that nowadays diseases like yours, which were taken in former times as untreatable, now got a chance to get healed.

Do you know how many people get broken like that, that system is applied worldwide, it's the same everywhere.
And the globalists are working hard and printing huge sums of cash to produce more parvenu trained monkeys who will have the power to break anyone into their system and will rationalize that what they are doing is right. Can you imagine the nightmare when such a trained monkey decides you're lower than him or have a condition? You think these successful school disciples understand anything not rationalizable?
Quote: she asked me: "what do you think about international politics?" in a demeaning manner, quote "she's a schizophrenic".
Quote from a neighboor whose first wife was placed in a mental place on a depression (which is a natural reaction process that must follow it's course (and allow to leave circumstances that cause such depression along with everything that bother including people), not a reaction, even less so a disease. I think this is important if somebody lives such a situation and doesn't know, or let people tell him or her they're the problem (edited)): "I sent that thing back to it's familly!", saying that triumphantly. Cop to Fischer: "let's find out what this is all about!": that's a mockery.
It's a housing, social status, safety, marginalization and character displacement problem if you ask me. Nobody should be in a position where they don't have their own territory and house or be in a lower position socially, including children: traditionaly, a native kid can't be constrained to do anything, and that is good. It's not normal that adults live among other adults and don't have their own home in higher cultures. In some cultures being among many people dilutes problems of fusion and domination among it's members, but it shouldn't be that way ideally, it's not genuine contact with the outside. In my area even in the distant past the housing was tailor made from the usa, evidently so that there would be no cultural diferentiation, people didn't just build anything and it made people suffer from the cold, plus it was strictly hierarchical in families, can you imagine the hell? They present "alternative housing" on youtube, but the ones presented are rich, for example, a simple yurt is worth more than 15000$, or rich people going fancy and original, and it takes land that is invaded by bullies of all kinds and all kinds of machines. I remember from work a rich woman trying to build a housing project, the obstacles are huge, because the system isn't made like that, and the housing would be too expensive anyways, and there's the construction mafia and all those that grease themselves administrativelly, like mayors and all kinds of inspectors: anybody pointing to a problem basically shoots himself in the foot as they take over. Rabbits act healthy in order to avoid predators, it doesn't mean they're actually healthy and can die all of a sudden.
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To demistify this whole thing further: there are authoritarian violently reactional figure in the picture that won't be talked to or said no to, hysterics, then the rest just collapses, and it just perpetuates itself. It' paralizing. It's incredible that nobody understands such things. And a cultural problem. And since everybody does it… Most people are like that in the countryside especially. And it's nothing clear to point at, they all operate like that, especially in businesses and everywhere, and some people are not accepted socially, especially those who are developped intellectually; dumb workers get along with each other well and they have a small authoritarian figure managing them and can fit in that smallness, mostly because they bully other dependant figures and pass their stress on them who then run around or cry. It's like the goblins! I managed to keep my phone number secret, still the hospital called, I hope they never call again or I think I'll disconnect it. Fischer: "they didn't send me any further papers or ask for cash because of the fines (the matress)", that's normal, they did the same to me, it's like having to go underground and how the system works. Fischer: "I hate my mom!", he was probably right to, she was quite a revendicative figure apparently, who knows. Ideally everybody should live apart from each other.