The world should be worried about Biden / Harris


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Chances are Biden will reverse a lot of Trump policies in the middle east, which will escalate tensions, continue endless wars, and most importantly enable Iran in its nuclear weapons program.

Iran has made it very clear Israel should not exist. If Iran strikes Israel - which I know a lot of people do not care - it will start a cascade of events that would lead to world war III. China and Russia will side with Iran. So any strike against Iran would lead to Russia and China aiding Iran.

Biden will enable China's imperialism by sending more of our technology and factories to China. Keep in mind Biden said a strong China is a good thing, he never said anything about a strong United States being a good thing.

Biden is a 1980s and 1990s globalist. He will do everything he can to destroy the middle class, which will result in people turning to communism and socialism just to get food.

A Biden administration will leave the USA weakened and in debt to China's low wage manufacturing power.