Malcolm X on White Liberals and Conservatives


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Malcolm X had some excellent things to say about how liberals use blacks has tools to gain political advantages.

Video is well worth listening to.

Wee still see this today in how antifa and communist movements hijacked the black lives matter movement.

Malcolm X also makes an excellent point with how few blacks vote. If more blacks voted they could turn into a turn voting block. The future of the black communisty is determined by the few blacks who vote.

Joe Nobody

I had a book with some of his last speeches decades ago but must have given it away when I moved.

I remember thinking that he wasn't wrong on many issues.

Joe Nobody

In one of his last speeches he was telling his black audience that he saw trash around the dumpsters on the way in.

He said that he doubted that there was a single book in the entire complex.

He said that he didn't blame white people for not wanting to live next to them, he wouldn't want to live next to them.